11/12kV  LBS is used in indoor & outdoor application PANEL / KIOSK / RMU. The load Break Switch can be used for the Switching ON & OFF operation of Transformers & IN/OUT operations. The Switch has auxiliary contacts & may be used for ON & OFF Indications. The Switch has Optional Earth Switch & Provision for Striker Pin HRC Fuses which works as a protection for Transformer.


The Load Break Switches are provided with suitable HRC fuses as a protective device.

The Cubicles are Powder Coated with 80-120 microns for its inner / outer texture with High Quality        Processes.

Type tested at CPRI as per IEC 62271-200/2003 LI 75kV (Peak) & PF 28kV

Lightning Impulse & Power Frequency Voltage Withstand Test (Dry)  as per IEC 62271-100/2001 LI 75kV (Peak) PF 28kV.

Temperature Rise test at 630 & Milli volt drop test IEC 62271-1-100-2008/IEC : 62271-1-2007.

Short-time & peaks withstand current tests as per IS : 9920 (part1) : 2002 /IEC 60265-1 (1998).

Mechanical endurance Test for 1000 operation as per customer instruction.


 Used in indoor & outdoor PANELS/KIOSK/RMU type.