Metering Cubicle is manufactured with zero bushings i.e, the outgoing and incoming Cables are provided with the bottom cable entries as per EB norms. The Cubicle is divided Into four chambers – One for incoming, One for outgoing, one for CT’s & PT’s and one more for energy meter. The cubicle is dust proof and Pilfer Resistant/ Tamper Proof.


The cubicle is available in 3ph.3w & 3ph.4w systems.

Sealing facilities are as per EB Norms.

The Cubicle is Powder Coated with 60-120 microns for its inner/outer texture with High Quality processes.

Outer texture with High Quality Process.

The type tests conducted by us in CPRI Bangalore is as follows

Lightning Impulse & Power Frequency voltage Withstand Test (DRY). IEC62271-200/2003 LI 75kV (Peak)        & PF 28kV.

Ingress Protection Test IP 55 as per IEC 60529 Category-1.