Quality POLICY

“We, at VENKAT SWITCH GEARS are Committed to Design, Develop, Manufacture, Supply and Maintain Reliable and Sustainable High tension panel, Low Tension Panels, Switchgears, Instrument transformers, Gensets, Oil filled and Dry type distribution transformers complying with Global Standards. We Strive to Continually Improve Our Products and Services to Achieve Complete Customer Satisfaction.”

“Qualityis not an Act. It is a Habit.” -Aristotle

For making a sustainable lasting impact on the Transformer and Switchgears market, Venkat Switchgears has inculcated a habit to instill a passion for Quality in all corners of its existence. The Organization stands firmly on 5 Quality habits

Setting Clear Expectations

Organization has an effective system for defining and communicating the Goals and non-negotiable core-values to achieve the set goals.

Continuous Assimilation and Analyzing of Data

To understand ‘what we are doing and where it is taking us’, Venkat Switchgears has set defined, quantifiable objectives,  reviewed for adherence through periodic analysis , following in the famous lines of Peter Drucker, the Management Guru , “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Capacity Investment

Venkat Switchgears, strongly believes that Quality depends to a large extent on the Organization’s ability to exceed expectations, which requires creation of Infrastructure in anticipation of a higher return. State of the art facilities for R&D, Production, Testing and Packaging and highly skilled Personnel to handle the technology and manufacture high performance, quality Transformers & Switchgear Systems are available and a constant quest to upgrade the technology is followed.

Nurturing Talent

“Quality begins on the inside, then works it’s way out.” Bob Moawad
We believe that one of the keys to success is to nurture and develop talent from within. Identifying best performers, support mentorship relationship and dynamic employee training programmes are some of the methods practiced for promoting goodwill and enhancing efficiency and increasing retain- ability and stability

Celebrating Victories

Sharing the milestones achieved with everyone from top-down in the Organization and celebrating it together is a way of life at Venkat Switchgears. Letting know the exceptionally well performing teams and involving all employees in brainstorming to understand our capabilities and to improve ourstandards is our way.

About Quality -Philip Crosby

 “Quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment. It has to be the fabric of the organization, not part of the fabric.”