The 11/12 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) is suitable to use in indoor & outdoor application for a PANEL / KIOSK. The vacuum Circuit Breaker can be used for the Switching ON & OFF operations of the Transformer. It can be also used in RMU’s (RING MAIN UNIT) for IN/ OUT operations.


The circuit is designed for AC / DC supply including Anti Pumping contactor.

The type tests conducted by us in CPRI Bangalore is as follows

Lighting Impulse & Power Frequency Voltage Withstand Test (Dry) as per IS 3427/1997 RA IEC 62271/-2003 LI 75kV (peak) & PF 28kV.

Temperature Rise & Milli volt drops test on 1250A VCB as per IEC 62271-100-2003 .

Short- time & peaks withstand current tests as per IEC 62271-100-2001 25 .61kA rms for 3 .07 secs and peak 69.42kA.

Measurement of the resistance of the main circuit & Mechanical endurance test for 1000 operations


Used in indoor & outdoor PANELS / KIOSK Type.