“If you can dream it, you can do it.” – Walt Disney

Year 1600, marks the beginning of the journey of Electricity with William Gilbert coining the word ‘electricity’, thus gaining a place in the world of Electricity as the father of Electrical Engineering. The contributions of Benjamin Franklin, Cavendish & Galveni, Alessandra Volta, Andre Ampere, Georg ohm, Michael Faraday to Thomas Edison and many more inventors who have changed the way of life on this planet beyond imagination !

Pioneers in the field of Switchgear solutions in India, Venkat Switchgears will be celebrating one and half decade of excellence (established in 2002) in designing, manufacturing and servicing a range of high performance Transformers (Up to 5000 KvA), Switchgear Panel – HT, LT & Custom Built Panel (Any specified rating), Generators (Up to 1000 KvA), CT/PT (As per Specification). Right from the Design Stage to final product output we use World’s latest CAD software like SolidWorks, SolidWorks Electrical, AutoCAD, Metalix & AP 100 etc. We have got in-house capability to manufacture/fabricate the entire product range thereby taking care of strict quality norms as per the various national & international standard.

Venkat Switchgears , has an indomitable objective to be the Leaders in Design, Development & Manufacturing of H.V Switchgears (i.e. VCBs & LBS) H.V M.V.,& L.V Panels. With the expertise, the infrastructure and the best business practices acting to its advantage, in a short stint of 15 years since inception Venkat Switchgears has stretched the very limits of possibility. The dynamic continuous improvement of technology and innovation coupled with able leadership and management,  the Venkat Switchgears family of 80 + has 4000+ growing Clients spread over Pan India.With the onus on quality and efficient process in delivering effective deliverables, the company has been certified for ISO 9001:2008.

UNIT I - Peeny Industrial Area, 150, 10th Main Rd, MEI Colony, 3rd Stage, Peenya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560058

Today, the company boasts of good infrastructure which has the capacity to meet modern trends & demands for the manufacture of H.V Switchgears like VCBs & LBS & HT LBS Panels/ Metering & Switching panel / Metering panel/VCB panel/ RMU panel with VCB & LBS etc. By using high-end tools like Solid Works, AUTO CADD (Computer Aided Designing& Drafting) to develop & improve the products, the company consistently has been able to churn out 3500+ quality products achieving total customer satisfaction. The company’s commitment to quality ensures excellent performance and facilitates on time delivery to the utmost satisfaction of customer.
Management Guru Peter F. Ducker’s quote aptly fits the niche Venkat Switchgears has created for itself as an emerging leader in Transformer & Electrical Switchgears arena,

“Management is doing right things; Leadership is doing things right.”


 “A Global Leader in the arena of High Performance Sustainable Electrical Switchgear Systems and Transformers.”


 “ We at Venkat Switchgears strive to make Honest Ethical Business by Innovating and Manufacturing High Performance Sustainable Electrical Switchgear Systems and Transformers.”

Director’s Message

Our core value lies in being customer centric & flexible. We achieve this by continuous creativity coupled with innovation. Today’s world of stiff competition, Electrical Industries strongly require high product performance with uninterrupted operation. In addition, our product must be feasible & easily accessible to the market in time.
Our continuous product enhancement by our R & D Team has made us pioneer in the field of high performance HV Panel, LV Panel, Custom built Panel, Transformer, CT, PT & Generator. We use numerous world’s renowned software /tools /Machines right from the Design, Manufacturing, Quality to Marketing thereby make the product highly reliable, economical & accessible in time.
We are always passionate to solve bigger challenges of our customers.

– Lakshmipathi A D