load break switch & Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  1. Identifying the fault and servicing the same or replacing that part if required.
  2. Checking the Tripping operations, identifying it and repairing the same.
  3. Overall service of the LBS / VCB.
  4. Annual Maintenance Contract for LBS / VCB.


1. Changing old system 2CT, 2PT (3P3W) to 3CT, 3PT New system (3P4W).
2. HRC Fuse Replacement (if required).
3. CT & PT replacement (if required).
4. RMU accessories replacement (if required).
5. Load break Switch Operations.
6. VCB Operations.
7. VCB Control wiring and metering operations.
8. Annual Maintenance Contract operations.
9. Advancing the metering panel to the new sanctioned loads from old sanctioned loads.
10. Buying old LBS with buy-back scheme.

current & potential transformers

Replacing Old CTs to new CTs as per the approved latest sanctioned load.


  1. Annual Maintenance Contract for Oil Cooled & Dry type Transformers.
  2. Reactivating Silica Gel of Breather.
  3. Transformer Oil Filtration & Painting at site.
  4. Replacing of Spare Parts: like Gasket, Breather, Tap Switch, Bushings and Metal Parts.
  5. Buy & Sell old Transformers under buy back Scheme.
  6. New Transformers for sales & Services.
  7. Installation & Commissioning of Transformers.
  8. Repair & Rewinding of all type of Transformers.
  9. Preventive Maintenance of all type of Transformers.
  10. Breakdown Maintenance of all type of Transformers.
Transformer Service Vehicle